Thursday, June 5, 2008

WHy's up

I think that i did do some of the things I was suppose to but I Didnt do some things also. One of the things that I know i did Pretty well was going up to people to interiew them. In a lot of my groups I was the one going up to people and telling them that we were from a High school in Oakland and we were going around cities to compare diffrent cities in many things. I think that what i didnt do was tring new foods I dont really like to try new foods because i'm picky and if I dont like it i'll just throw it away and that will be a waist of money.I think going up to people and ask them for a interview would be something I wouldn't normally do, or something I wouldn't like to do. I still dont agree with it because it's not right to ask people questions like that I still do it. The good thing is that i'm positive about it and dont give my group a hard time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lake Shore

Lake shore is a nice place where there is a lot of diversity. people like it there because of diversity. All the people who we asked if they liked it to b like that they said they did. I think that lake shore is a nice place of oakland to visit. There is a lot of things to see if you want to find diversity that is a very good place I think there's plenty there in everything from people to restaurants. The other nice place we visited was the Rose Garden in Oakland i didn't know oakland had a rose garden I had never been there. It was a nice place i think that Oakland has more places to visit then most people think. Some people see Oakland as just a bad place to go. They don't see the good parts of Oakland I think that people who see the nice parts will change there mind about the negative things.

Monday, June 2, 2008


When I went to old Oakland It was nice because you would see a lot of people just selling all kinds of things.It was a farmers market. I didnt really know that was old Oakland that it was one of the first places be to in oakland i did like it because it seemed clean and not so dangerous because there is a lot of people looking at things. I think that for me this was one of the hardest places to interview people, not because people were mean or anything it was mostly because people were busy. I think that people there were really friendly. We also had alot of fun in Lake merrit we went to the lake and we used some paddle boats it was really fun it was 3 of us me, Henry, and brian that was really fun but when you paddle for a long time and really fast it would get you really tired.

Friday, May 30, 2008


On my way to Rockridge I had an idea of where I was going but once I interviewed people it was diffrent I tought it would be like Walnut Creek and it is, but there is a lot of diffrences there. I think that people there are less rude. The people there are easier to get interviwed they mostly said yes, or if they would say no they would say sorry because they are doing something. In Walnut Creek a lot of people say No straight up. I think that Rockridge is a Nice part of Oakland where its clean and nice and safe. One of the negative things they said about Rockridge was that they break in to the stores a lot. But they said that other then that they think its safe. I think that poeple there also seem to care about their comunity and where they live thats why its clean. When I went into the shops and ansked people if we could interview them they mostly said yeah or they were busy but still said it in a nice way. Also when we walked down the streets people said excuse me if they wanted to pass us or something like that they were really respectful and didnt look at us weird like in Walnut Creek.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The neighborhood I lived which was the Murder Dubbs was a good neighborhood I liked it a lot because I Like it a lot because i know everyone around there. Once i moved to the other neighborhood is different know I stay in deep East Oakland is worse People are different. Like I just haven't got use to that are. But I think that I will or maybe not I do like it but not as much as my old neighborhood. Oakland is a good city i like it a lot because there is something fun to do its not like other cities were its to calm and if you do something people call the cops. For example I Put music really loud like around midnight my neighbors don't even trip. I have cousins who live in other quiet cities and if you put music at ten they are already trippen. I think that Oakland people are less delicate then in other areas here. This city is Not just a bad City people only talk about the bad things about it but there is also many good things about it. Oakland is the Home of the Athletics, Raiders, and Warriors. They are moving the Oakland Athletics to Fremont I think that is a very bad idea bacasue that team is From Oakland and we have a Basketball and football team and now we are going to loose the baseball team. I am a big fan of the oakland Athletics and i think that it is very sad they are moving them. 

Chinatown reflection

when I went to Chinatown I didn't think it would be how it is where people are not so rude like in Walnut creek. I got there and tried to interview people I thought it would be much harder. But I ask people if they could get interviewed. a lot of the people did say no but also a lot of them said yeah. That was really surprising for me, because when we went to Walnut Creek it was much harder to interview people. Many of the people who said no was because they didn't speak much English and were confused about our project. I think the differences between Fruitvale and Chinatown are a lot but there is also many similarities.  First of all I would say that in Fruitvale there is more Latinos and in Chinatown more Asians. I think in Economics people are about the same from mid class to Lower class. things you see around are similar just that depending on the place they have more products from their culture. People also speak Spanish in the Fruitvale area and Chinese in the Chinatown area. I think that Even though that people in Fruitvale and in Chinatown Are not as Wealthy as Walnut Creek people seem to be more respectful. In Chinatown people who said no because they didn't speak English they try to say no in a nice way. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


this picture shows a broken glass bottle this shows that someone was drinking in the street threw that there. he/she know what the broken bottle would do to this community. this is just making the environment more dirty. its also dangerous  some little kid might walk there and fall and get hurt really bad . this piece of trash is not good for the environment. the person who was drinking the bottle of liquor maybe did not have no money to eat just that bottle of liquor and maybe he was hungry so he drank that.